Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Safe and Sound

We are here, we are safe and we are VERY tired.  Most of us chose not to sleep the night before we left and none of us got enough sleep on our 17+ hour journey to make up for that sleepless night.  To make the adjustment to our new timezone, though, we are staying awake so that we will sleep hard tonight then wake up and feel like it is morning.  We are walking the riverfront in town, enjoying fresh mango, açai, cupuaçu and maracuja juices and checking out the low-priced Havaianas flipflops.  We have not met our work partners yet and might save that encoutner for tomorrow when we are in better shape.  We are planning a trip to the local museum before heading home to help our new friend and cook Louro prepare dinner.  We will work out internet access in our camp soon so that we can avoid dealing with this maddeningly slow internet cafe.

Pictures later!

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  1. The third graders at Southwestern Elementary in hanover, Indiana are back in school and following you! We can't wait to see what your first project will include!