Monday, February 15, 2016

Final Videos

Here you will find the final video projects from all of the teams.  We will start with the ones we showed at the final presentation night on February 10, 2016, and include the others that weren't shown that night below.  Enjoy!

Overview of Community Transformation Model: MUSA

The community where we spend most of our time is called Anã.  Only about ten years ago, that community had no electricity and serious water problems.  A number of factors have combined to change the circumstances there but one important force that has figured into the transformation is an organization called MUSA (Mulheres Sonhadores em Ação -- Women Who Dream in Action).  This video introduces MUSA and some of its leaders. 

Ecotourism in Anã

MUSA and others have helped to establish ecotourism as one revenue stream for the community.  The people of Anã are eager to showcase their unique way of life but also want to preserve the heritage and traditions that make their community what it is.  This video discusses ecotourism and its impact.

Ecotourism in Atodí

Other local communities have partnered with a public health agency called Saúde e Alegria (Health and Happiness) to produce sustainable economic growth that will raise the quality of life of their residents.  Like Anã, the community of Atodí has developed an ecotourism enterprise.  One of the leaders of the community discusses their approach to ecotourism and its effects. 

The Fish Farm

In Anã, one of MUSA's first projects was development of a fish farm to help them combat the problem of their overfished "lake" (really an inlet of the Arapiuns River).  This video shows the fish farm and the visionary thinking that creating it involved. 

The Chicken Coop

Our newest project during this trip was to expand the community enterprises by helping to establish a large chicken coop that will eventually hold as many as 500 laying hens.  We worked with community organizers to locate and clear a spot, then design a flexible space that can be expanded as needed.  This video shows some of the collaboration involved in this new venture.

Our Team

Though most of our videos rightly focus on our community partners in the Amazon, we also know that we experience quite a personal and collective transformation as our group forms a unique subculture. Here we show the group experience and celebrate the unique individuals we are.


We learned that one way of establishing connections across cultures and language barriers was through games.  This video examines some of the games that helped us to "bridge the gap."


The main game that is the center of Brazilian culture and community is soccer (futebol).  We played soccer with and against the community and made deep connections by doing so. 

Community Engagement: Reginalva

Our course helped us meet the "community engagement" requirement of the Core Curriculum at SMC.  This video features Reginalva, one of our primary partners in Anã, and her role in helping us to engage with the community in meaningful ways.


Another of our primary partners is Diorlando, who worked at the guesthouse where we stayed and was our constant companion.  This video helps you to meet Diorlando.

Another unforgettable figure in our Anã community is Jose Martine (Zé).  This video introduces Zé.

Chicken Coop #2

We were so in love with the chicken coop project that two groups made videos about it.  Here's the second one, which shares some footage from the one above but also adds some new elements.