Thursday, January 19, 2017

Go back and look at our pictures and videos!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shawny and Jesse have gone to greater lengths this time to get our videos and photos posted.  (Sorry for the low quality.  We will replace them later with better ones.)  Please go back to days already gone by to see new media at many of them.  Before too much longer, all videos and photos through the 18th should be posted.

And tomorrow (Friday), we hop on a boat to tour some of the other local communities over the weekend and into Monday morning. We usually get signal out there somewhere, including the possibility (but no promises!) of making phone calls.

We will keep making videos and taking photos and post them whenever we can.  Thanks again to Bryan Navarro in Moraga and Jenny Tolcher and Stephen Stiekema, who are picking up the slack for us from South Africa (!) when they can!

And, of course, thanks for following us (especially if you comment -- we love comments!) and for thinking of us even when we are far away from you.

Greatest thanks to Nanda and Shelley Maeve in Brasília, who have sacrificed time with Jesse and Gui so that we can have them with us here in our Amazon paradise.  We know that they miss you as much as you miss them . . .


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  2. Okay after 50 attempts I finally figured out how to make this post go through! And I apologize (but not really) in advance for the length.
    Andd, if allowed, I designate Claudia to read this :) in her best FlowPow accent.


    I have a problem.
    An addiction, really.
    An I-Can’t-Focus-On-Work-Because-I-Just-Want-to

    CHECK THE BLOG addiction.

    Watching your adventures and the amazing work you are doing puts an INSTANT smile across my face. So thank you! You are reminding me what being a DIRTy is all about. That being said, here are a few observations/words of (questionable) wisdom so far:

    1. The coop looks SO GOOD. I can’t wait to see how much it transforms/ how improved it will become during your time there.

    2. All I have to say about your creativity in the videos is YASSSSS…. & THE DRONE…. OH MY LANTA! loving the aerial views!! Keep ‘em comin!

    3. Shawny, your eloquent words keeping us up-to-date are, as usual, wonderful. Thank you!

    4. Gui is SO ADORABLE (I’m sorry if he doesn’t like being called adorable, but that smile? C’mon!). I wish I could’ve met you!

    5. USE CAUTION when getting into your hammocks at night ;D


    7. If anyone hasn’t taken a moment to sit and talk with Jesse/get to know him - DO IT. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!

    8. Oh, and uh, Annie Dao, where are your gloves?

    9. Your bucket brigades are KILLIN it. As well as those dance moves... PRIME.

    10. Watching you interact, communicate, and work with the people of Anã fills my heart. Know you are inspiring many and reminding others what these trips are all about.

    11. Enjoy every moment of your time there ... because from one DIRTy to another, you will miss it dearly every day after.

    12. Don't forget to pull out the peanut butter !

    I’m thinking about you facas every day and I will be eagerly checking in for more updates. HAVE SO MUCH FUN.



    (Callan Haggarty '16)