Thursday, February 16, 2017

Final Projects

Our four teams each made three final videos. We showed five of them (plus one drone compilation) at our presentation on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Here are all of the videos, beginning with the six we premiered publicly.

 Drone Footage (edited by Jake Saunders):

Project overview (by Team Chuva Roxa):

Language Barrier (by Canarinho de Ouro):

Dance (by Maracujá):

CEFA reforestation projects (by Maracujá):

The Story of Anã (by Jacaranda):

Education: (by Maracujá):

Transportation (by Canarinho de Ouro):

Water (by Chuva Roxa):

Food (by Jacaranda): 

Technology (by Canarinho de Ouro):

Nicknames (by Chuva Roxa):

Politics (by Jacaranda):

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